My Arduino Code Libraries

A public resting place for code may be useful to others and largely reflects my wandering interests.

Libraries are written to perform useful functions or for specific hardware elements (sensors, ICs, etc).

Installing the Libraries

For the Arduino IDE to be able to find and use them, these libraries should be uncompressed and placed in a libraries subfolder of your sketchbook folder. To manually install the libraries:
  1. Download the compressed (zip) file from the Downloads section (above).
  2. In your Arduino sketchbook folder, find or create the libraries subfolder.
  3. Uncompress the zip file in this sketchbook libraries location, keeping each library in its own unique folder.
  4. Restart the Arduino IDE if it was already open.

Update 01 April 2015

The libraries support the library manager built into Arduino IDE v1.6.2. You now have a few options for installing the libraries - see this link.

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  • Parola - a modular scrolling LED matrix text display. This includes software for special effects and is built on the MD_MAX72xx library found here.
  • My blog - more information on related and other topics.


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